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130th Anniversary Gala of the Toronto Humane Society

130th Anniversary Gala of the Toronto Humane Society

We are thrilled to announce eleven time Emmy nominee and three-time Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy winner Christian Jules Le Blanc will be on hand to host our 130th Anniversary Gala. Special guests Carla Collins and Sean Carrigan will showcase their unequalled brand of humour and fill the evening with laughter.

Sean Carrigan, Christian Le Blanc and Carla Collins



Ms. Sheila Feder Fort Lee, New Jersey, Dear Ms. Feder, As a stipulation of my work release program sponsored by the Asylum for the Criminally Backward and Sociopathic (C.B.S.) and their associated Rehabilitative Theatrical Playhouse and Institute of Dramatic Tricks, I am writing this letter in hopes of clearing up our unfortunate misunderstanding as regards… Continue Reading

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