Ms. Sheila Feder
Fort Lee, New Jersey,

Dear Ms. Feder,

As a stipulation of my work release program sponsored by the Asylum for the Criminally Backward and Sociopathic (C.B.S.) and their associated Rehabilitative Theatrical Playhouse and Institute of Dramatic Tricks, I am writing this letter in hopes of clearing up our unfortunate misunderstanding as regards my response to your fan letter of July 1, 2015.

When you wrote thanking me for coming into your home all these years; it was very wrong of me to take that as an open invitation to visit your actual home. I now understand how alarming it must have been for you to find me standing over your bed humming “Nadia’s Theme” at 3 o’clock in the morning. C.B.S.’s highly skilled staff of unpaid interns has helped me see that my unannounced visit was a clear invasion of your personal space and that “unsolicited spooning” is not a victimless crime. I now comprehend that the term, “legal briefs”, can mean many things to many people; and that when a person hears the phrase “Bad touch!” it is not generally interpreted as a request.

It has been a long road, but, take heart Ms. Feder. I am making progress. Here at the Institute I am learning so many wonderful, new things. For instance, because of Einstein and the multiverse approach to string theory, you really can age ten years by exiting through a door in the coffeehouse; and did you know that “doppelganger” is German for “My dachshund has vomited.”? It’s like a veil has been lifted from my eyes!

Oh Ms. Feder, Sheila, if I may, is it possible that, in spite of the thousands of miles and multiple restraining orders that separate us, our bittersweet rendezvous along the Hudson may actually bring us closer together? It is my fondest wish. Dearest Sheila, please know that everything I am I owe to pharmaceuticals and to you, my adoring fan.

Well, it’s time to go. Doppelganger! Just kidding! (They wouldn’t let me bring Shultzy.)

Give my regards to Paramus,

Christian Le Blanc

18 Responses to FAN CLUB BLURB

  1. you crack me up! loving the art. I dabble in colored pencil as well, but am not nearly as talented as you. look forward to seeing much more!

  2. I need to meet some of the cast off Y&R … I have watched this show since I was a kid with my grandma … I PVR it all the time if I am not going to be home I love your acting as well Christian !! Such a great actor

  3. Your imagination is only surpassed by your incredible/believable interpretation of Michael Baldwin. Come to think of it, you are so very creative in this character portrayal because of your “genius” imagination and your willingness to let us peep inside. Cheers!

  4. I have to say I wouldn’t mind waking up to the humming of Nadias Theme or spooning with one of my fav Y&R actors and all around fun guy. I live attending the fan dinner every other year just to spend a few min with you. You are a nut!!! Love ya Christian.

  5. Well I call myself a lifer! I have watched since the first day! I was much younger! Now, I call myself G-Ma to all my YR cast. I have desired for years to attend event to meet in person! But I live so far away from these places I will never get there. So my next best is social media. Where I have managed to personally communicate with several of your co-stars. (Nikki), via mail and twitter. (Victor), via twitter. To name a couple. And I love being let in a tiny bit into your world! I paint a little, watercolor..of course, no where near the talent you possess!! I hope to one day have enough saved up to purchase one of your beautiful paintings! Much love! Merry Christmas!!

  6. You not just a great actor, I’ve seen you in other movies but you are a fantastic writer. You can stand by my bed at 3:09am any time, but I might not be there. I will be in my living room with chronic insomnia

  7. Christian Leblanc, you are by far, the most talented actor on the set of Y&R. It is my hope that you do not leave the show. I have been a Y&R fan since the 70’s and I welcome seeing you every week.

  8. I have been your fan since you came on board at YR 1991 loved you then love you now only I miss you cause since Pratt your time is limited and those are the only times I watch YR anymore is when you are on

  9. You crack me up too. As the owner, or rather the property of, two dachshunds, this definition of “doppelganger” will hopefully not be quite handy for me. I never miss a day of my story. Merry Christmas!

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