Maybe it’s his Southern upbringing as a member of a crowded Cajun household of 8 siblings in the wildly eclectic town of New Orleans that lent Christian Jules Le Blanc his easy charm and razor wit.

Maybe the relentless curiosity that led him to prepare for a medical career at venerable Tulane University while, at the same time, studying ancient Roman history, Russian, and pursuing his love of singing informs his enthusiasm and obvious joy in interacting with a broad swath of people and personalities.

You would be hard pressed to find a topic that Christian is NOT interested in exploring. He is an ex-Kindergarten teacher, award winning artist and illustrator, a world traveler, children’s book writer, accomplished genealogist (He is not beyond planting himself in front of a computer on the spur of the moment to let you know what your great grandfather did in 1880.) and a relentless booster of all things New Orleans.

When not engaged in one or several of these activities he is busy pursuing his first love, acting. In his career he has worked with some of the greats. On his first major gig alone, the daytime drama, “As the World Turns”, he worked with Margaret Colin, Tanya Pinkins, Marisa Tomei, Meg Ryan and Julienne Moore. Jermaine Jackson and a young Whitney Huston sang at his fictional TV prom. He has starred on stage with the legendary Julie Harris and Eileen Brennan and on television with the likes of Carol O’Connor and Howard Rollins.

Christian currently plays attorney Michael Baldwin on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” which has been the highest rated daytime drama in the United States for 26 years and airs internationally in countries as far ranging as Finland, Romania, South Africa, France and Belgium. (Christian is currently learning French and now does his interviews in that language during his frequent trips to Francophile Europe where “The Young and the Restless”, known as “Les Feux de L’Amour”, is a top moneymaker for the TF1 network.)

You would think that his Y&R work load alone would keep Christian tied down to CBS Television City in Los Angeles, but ask any of his 170,000 plus social media followers and they’ll tell you that is not the case. Whether he is in Monte Carlo giving a tour of the world renowned Musée Océanographique with Entertainment Tonight Canada, or in New Orleans hosting the “Each One Save One” charity with ABC anchorwoman Robin Roberts, Christian’s location is the butt of many a, “Where’s Waldo?” twitter feed joke.

In 2014 alone, Christian has acted at honorary chairman of the international AIDS charity “Dine Out For Life” as well as the New Orleans based “Art Against AIDS”. In October he co-hosted the prestigious “Celebration of Hope Gala” for Markham Hospital in Toronto. For the past 15 years, Christian has hosted “Kate Linder’s Tea with Friends” in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle. By April, 2015, the teas had raised over $1,000,000.00 for charity. In past years Christian has also hosted Celebrity Event’s Soap Cruises in the Caribbean, Soap Mania Tours in cities throughout the South and East, and for 10 years, has hosted the Mad Hatter’s Charity Gala in his home state of Louisiana. In 2010, he was invited to host the Creative Arts Emmy Award show in Los Angeles.

Christian calls upon his polyglot interests, personal charm, boundless energy, and pitch perfect comic timing to entertain, enlighten and energize his audiences. Whether it’s walking out on stage at the Creative Emmy’s in his underwear with a very surprised Niecy Nash to deliver his opening monologue, making actress Piper Laurie laugh by performing her famous monologue from “Carrie”, petting baby sharks with ET’s Sangita Patel, or literally auctioning the shirt off a celebrity’s back for charity, Christian’s high power enthusiasm and love for people shines through.


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